Twin Sisters Found D ead Inside Their Uncles Fridge After Being M issing (Photos)

At about 1pm on Wednesday, a set of twin girls wanted to buy something on the street but the Kehinde remembered that she forgot her money upstairs,she hurriedly left to pick it. She came back but her twin sister (Taiye)was no where to be found.She searched for about 30minutes before she informed some people in the compound about the sudden disappearance off her sister (Taiye)

Everybody in the compound joined in the search to no avail. At about 5pm, the mother who left for work as early as 8am was called about the ugly incident. She rushed down home devastated and confused but she kept saying that her child must be in this compound because her children rarely step out of the gate. The woman insisted on searching everyone’s room. According to her as she got to the second room, someone called her that the child has been found. With all hope and smile she ran downstairs only to find her little angel lifeless in a vehicle parked in thesame compound with her body peeled off.

The most conflicting issue was that she left her children in the care of her sister in-law named Kehinde Owoeye and the lady denied the claim. She said she and the victim’s mum went to her office together but the co-tenants confirmed that she was around and that they all searched for the little girl together.

Another twist was that the vehicle was not an abandoned vehicle but was parked there for repair. The mechanic said he worked on the vehicle till about 5pm and the corpse was found around 5:30pm. This ruled out any insinuation that the girl locked herself up in the vehicle and suffocated.

The case has been reported at the Ologede police station,Ado Ekiti.

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