stepmother confesses to kkilling young girl after scoring 9As in WASSCE, getting scholarship abroad


Chinecherem Promise Ibeh, a bright girl hailing from Umunneochi local government area in Abia state, who attained an impressive score of 9As in her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), has reportedly passed away.

A viral funeral announcement for Chinecherem, went viral and ignited a firestorm of heartache and intense feelings on social media platforms.

Ofoke Bright Ikenna, one of the individuals who shared the story, boldly asserted that the sinister hand behind Chinecherem’s premature end was none other than her stepmother, consumed by a venomous blend of jealousy and envy.

According to Ikenna, the root of this heinous act was Chinecherem’s triumph in securing a coveted scholarship to study in the UK, a success that seemingly stoked the stepmother’s resentment to fatal extremes.

Shockingly, Ikenna alleged that the stepmother broke her silence, admitting to the chilling act of poisoning that snuffed out Chinecherem’s young life.

Ikenna wrote;

An exceptionally brilliant girl child from Abia state has been k1LLed by her stepmother out of jealousy and envy. The stepmother has since confessed that she poisoned her to death.

“Chinecherem got 9As in Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE) and subsequently won a scholarship to study Software Engineering at a UK university. May her soul rest in peace.” 

Others who shared the story, also echoed the grim narrative, weaving a web of suspicion around the notion that Chinecherem’s demise was no accident, but rather a meticulously orchestrated poisoning.

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