South African artist, Zodwa Wabantu caused a social media stir while performing (Video)

South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu caused a social media stir when she posted a video from her latest performance on Instagram.

At this point there’s nothing that controversial musician Zodwa Wabantu does that shocks the public.

Zodwa Wabantu latest performance

Zodwa is well known for being authentic and speaking her mind. She is often unbothered by what the streets say about her.

In another one of her dramatic videos, Zodwa is seen standing on top of a speaker at a gig whilst flαshiŋg her goodie.

The crowd is seen touching her booty iŋαppropriαtely and she seems to be unbothered.

The entertainer said it boldly that she wishes she could give the crowd her p**xy. “I wish I can give you all my Pussy. I tried to make it Rain P**xy on all of you,” she captioned the video.

See her video below :

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