Nigerian Man Beats Mother In-law

A middle aged man, Oluokun Ibrahim Ayankunle, has approached a Kwara State Court to seek an order to perpetually restrain the head of his family and his accomplices from administering tribal marks on his son.

In the suit filed on behalf of himself, wife and his son, Ayankunle, through their counsel, W.Y. Mamman, is asking the court to declare that their child is not under any obligation to undergo the tribal marks scarification  or carry the marks as his family members led by the family head are trying to compel him to do that he and his wife cannot under any circumstances be compelled to present the child for the tribal marks scarification, or are they or the child in violation of any known law in Nigeria, if they fail to present him for the exercise and their son does not carry the marks.

While the couple and their son further ask the court to declare that compelling them to present the child for the scarification of the marks on him or acting in any way to get the child to carry the marks is a violation of his rights to peaceful existence and a threat to his right to live life as conceived and given birth to, they are praying the court to grant them an order to ensure that the family and all others bent on carrying out the act on the child do not do so, asking that they are restrained from trespassing and conducting themselves in an “arbitrary, illegal, harsh and oppressive manner to carry out the practice of tribal marks scarification any further on any member of their family and unwarranted intimidation, attack and threat to their lives.

No date fixed for the mention

In another development, Kwara State born Ayankule, has similarly petitioned the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Police Command, CP Olusola Amore, asking for his intervention in the family’s ordeal of being subjected to the practice of tribal marks lacerations, stating that it had become something of  a threat to their lives, as it was inflicting them with bodily harm, injuries and infections of all types.

He stated in the petition that his family’s ordeal began in August 2016, after he refused the head of the family’s request to perform the barbaric act of ritual scarification of tribal marks on their son,        alleging that following his refusal, he had been receiving threat messages from the head of the family and his cohorts, who he said vowed to deal with him unless he approved of the practice to be administered on the child as a first son of a family of their universal family.

While he thought that the threats were mere child’s play, the embattled Ayankule said his wife was kidnapped and held in captivity for several weeks, causing their son to be physically, mentally and psychologically traumatised, in the process of which he was forced out of school.

Ayankunle Oluokun Ibrahim said his wife and child had remained traumatized and dejected, wondering whether the child would ever fully recover to continue with his education.

He therefore, appealed to the Commissioner of Police to institute a thorough investigation into the matter and bring all those involved to face justice even though he had instituted a case in court  to enforce their fundamental human rights  and sought their protection and safety.

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