Actor, Williams Uchemba shares what happened few

Actor, Williams Uchemba shares what happened few minutes before the death of his mother

A short while ago, Williams Uchemba, a well-known Nollywood actor, producer, comedian, and brand influencer, shared on social media the events leading up to his mother’s passing just moments before.

On Monday, August 28, 2023, Williams posted on his Official Facebook page, sharing that shortly before his mother’s death, she entered his room. However, the surroundings seemed unfamiliar to him, as if from a place he had never seen before. Despite this, she wore a smile as she looked at him.

The Actor mentioned that there were other individuals present with his mother at that moment, and he couldn’t identify them. They were joyfully dancing and celebrating, as if they had just won a big prize.

Williams disclosed that as soon as he laid eyes on his mother, he instantly recognized her. However, what astounded him the most was that she appeared remarkably youthful, as if she were in her twenties. He emphasized that he promptly implored her to return, as they had been fervently praying for her recovery. Nevertheless, she reassured him that he need not worry, as the place she currently resided in was exquisite.

Williams Uchemba emphasized that right after that incident, he received a phone call from the hospital informing him that his mother had passed away.

“In his Words”

“Few minutes before you passed away, you came to me in my room, you were in the room but your environment was of a different place, a place I have never seen before and you were just smiling at me. There were also other people around you that I did not recognize and they were dancing like they won a lottery”.

“I immediately recognized you, but something was different, you looked younger, like when you were 27 years old with your hair resting on your shoulders neatly brushed. I immediately asked you to come back, that we have been praying for you to get better, but you told me that the place you are now is beautiful”, Williams Uchemba wrote and it stirred massive reactions from fans, viewers and followers with many taking to the comment section to react.

Here are some screenshots showing the responses from the general public.

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